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The Little Haworthia That Could - A Cautionary Tale


Hey guys, Pika here. Personally, I can't think of anything more exciting than chicken, but my mom gets super excited about succulents. Like, chicken-for-dinner-excited. It all started a little over three years ago, when we moved back to San Diego from the East Coast. We went to the La Jolla Farmer's Market and bought a handful of succulents. Pretty sure she could've used that money to buy us some chicken pitas, but I digress. On the way home, she said to me, "Pika, I bet I've got a green thumb."

"Au contraire, mom."

When we got home, she put them in a pot. It was like a sad "expectation vs. reality" meme. Perhaps the disappointment caused her to promptly forget about them for an entire year. All but one died. All but ONE! She rescued the lone survivor from the now pot-o-death, and started to care for it. It began to thrive.


The rest is history.

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